Meet Sue the driving Instructor

All About Driving   driving instructor  Sue.

I joined Vinny in 2014 after meeting him at the Hyde test centre. We got on very well and when he invited me to join his very busy,popular driving school I had no hesitation.
I have been a driving instructor for  more than 10 years and love my job. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure to teach people a skill for life.
All pupils are different so I base my lessons around the person I meet to make each lesson work for them. Gaining as much experience as possible before driving unaccompanied, is my job to help you become a  safe and knowledgeable  driver for the future.
My plan is to hopefully help All About Driving continue to grow and build its excellent reputation with my many years of experience,excellent people skills and brilliant pass rate.
I also think that you should know that I have the highest grade in teaching which is the grade A .